a m u s i a
sound-installations / bag-works / objects
by andrea monti

The term "amusia" is composed of "a-" + "-musia" which means the lack of music, and refers to several disorders affecting the ability to recognize, understand and appreciate music. But in general, it's the absolute absence of Muses, the Greek mythological singing goddesses who have inspired so many artists so far. Well, not me.

My work is the work of someone who knows he has arrived too late at the party of art, who doesn't have anything to say and regardless tries anyway, compulsively, to say something. How? Through the art-dressed celebration of 'gratuitous' non-senses or jeux de mots, tautologies or even disarming silliness. Why? Always a good question.
Andrea Monti is a 26-year-old Italian artist, born in Lucca (Tuscany) and at present based in Brooklyn, NY. He comes from an education focused on philosophy and music, studying at the University of Pisa, the Siena Jazz music school and the Conservatory Boccherini in Lucca. He worked for Oliviero Toscani's studio and on a project regarding art and communication. His most recent artistic activity is concentrated on installations works, photographs, collages, composition of soundtracks for films and site-specific sound installations, performances. After Italy, his work was shown for the first time in New York In June 2008, when he presented Hearing - a sound installation conceived for a particular natural space - at the garden Le Petit Versailles, Lower East Side. His music has been chosen as soundtrack for several European films. His interests involve contemporary visual arts and experimental cinema as both artist and curator. In Italy he organized large personal exhibitions of Michael Snow's and Jonas Mekas' artworks. Right now he's concentrated on his new bag-works series and singular sound-installations.

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